About Us

Assalam O Alaikum

Welcome viewers! You are here because you want to know about us. Well! Health & Beauty Mag is an e-Magazine site which started in march 2015. On this site, we provide information about Nutrition, Health Tips, Beauty Tips, Benefits of different foods, Fruits and vegetables in Roman Urdu/Hindi.

The purpose of making this website is to share useful information and disseminate knowledge. If we have some useful information, then it is better to inform others, so that they can get some benefit.

Kamran Khan is the founder of this website. He manages his own business where he provides graphic designing and picture editing services. He also loves blogging, so he started this blog. His aim is to make a free school or tuition academy for poor children where they can get quality education for free.

We believe in honesty. On this site, we try to provide the information that is true and useful. If someone wants to ask any question, then feel free to contact us here.